Experts in large format touch

We are a privately owned business based in Cambridge, UK. We are the experts in the manufacture and supply of projected capacitive touch technology which all takes place from our world-class UK manufacturing facility. Our touchfoil™ is applied to glass to create an interactive surface which, when combined with a PC and monitor, becomes a touchscreen that can then be used in a wide range of innovative applications to add interactive capabilities.

High standards

We pride ourselves on manufacturing pro cap sensors of the highest quality – consistently – and we operate to the most exacting international standards, including UL approvals. To ensure we maintain this level of quality that our customers have come to expect, we have made significant investment in our manufacturing facilities and continuous product development activity.

Purpose built production facility based in a high-technology centre, Cambridge, UK

Continual investment in capacity and automation

Independent review by MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) and IFM (Institute for Manufacturing) for best practice and efficiency

Exceptional presales and design support

Standard approval

Excellence in manufacturing